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Young Professional (YP) Peer Advisory Groups (PAG) are closed groups of 10 young professionals with a SAGE (Seasoned Action oriented Godly Executive) leader.

Why: Isolation is dangerous and leadership development without focus and mentorship can be slow. The YP initiative is designed to accelerate the process of becoming a Christ centered business leader worth following.

How: Each meeting will include 3 periods: Fellowship/member host issue/and roundtable sharing, Presentation by local Christian business executive, and Spiritual sharpening 

Who: Young Professional men 25-45 years old

When: Once monthly 3 hour meetings

What: Experienced, successful business professionals will lead Young Professional Peer Advisory Groups through a proven process of study, prayer and teaching. You will be an integral part of CBMC Fresno, a network comprised of Christ centered business executives throughout this area. 

Space is limited.
This opportunity comes with high expectations and high reward potential.

Join A Group of Christian Young Professionals

So many questions.
Where do I find other driven guys both in business and in their christian walk?
Is it possible to keep my eyes on God and be successful in business?
How do I know when the time is right to talk about my faith at work?

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